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5 Affordable Fashion Brands in the World to Switch to Sustainable Fashion

  1. Thought
    Based in UK
    Thought has beautiful clothing with interesting patterns and cuts that will appeal to all ages
    and will flatter all sizes. This is an all-natural clothing company, that began with a love for
    sustainable fabrics and simplicity. The collections for women and men are made from
    sustainable fibres such as hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton. Thought commits to
    responsible sourcing, fair wages and working conditions.
  2. Boden
    Based in West London
    Perfect for casual wear, and go-to for a party, Boden covers it all. With women, men and
    kid’s fashion in one place, it makes it easier to shop as well. Boden has been around for
    nearly 30 years and mixes style and sustainability. It also produces tailored workwear, which
    lacks in the sustainable fashion brands otherwise. Using sustainable cotton and responsibly
    sourced materials, the result is a line of bold and beautiful apparel for every woman’s closet.
    We especially love their skirts and dresses. 
    3. PACT
    Based in Boulder, Colorado US
    PACT makes women and men’s clothing, kids-wear and bed and bath. They are invested in
    doing the right thing and they partner with Fair Trade Certified™ factories to do better for
    both people and planet. Fair Trade factories provide safe working conditions, empower and
    uplift local communities, and protect the environment. All of the cotton garments from them
    are certified organic by GOTS, so you know the entire manufacturing process follows organic
    4. Amour Vert
    Based in San Francisco, US
    Basics, flattering shapes and sustainable. Easily the best trio. Their pieces are made in
    limited quantities to ensure the highest production standards and to eliminate any excess
    waste. And, locally- few miles away from their San Fran office. They source fibres from all
    over the world and focuse on choosing sustainable options like organic cotton, Cupro and
    Tencel. Their designs range from basics to more stylish pieces and there also make sneakers,
    handbags and accessories. With all that, the company plants a tree for every tee that’s
    purchased, with over 220,000 trees planted so far in association with American Forests. You
    can even opt to have an extra tree planted for $1.

5. Made Trade
Based in US

Made Trade is an ethical fashion brand that makes clothing, accessories and home
furnishings and furniture as well. Not only they are affordable but they have some great
designs in a lot of sizes as well. They use organic cotton and bamboo and their clothes are
perfect for everything from the office to a day out with a friend. Made Trade practices fair
trade and champions POC owned brands. It also has many vegan products. And uses faux
leather such as pinatex or mushroom leather to extend eco-fashion.
Sustainable fashion brands are growing at a fast-speed yet many do know to adhere to
transparency or produce larger sizes or ensure accountability when it comes to their workers.
These brands, on the other hand, do all that and much more. All of them are affordable,
produce a variety of designs, employ women and pay fair-wages. At ADAU we champion
not only sustainable products but ethical processes and practices. And, much like these
brands we not only source sustainable fabrics but also ensure ethical practices.

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